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Weekday Schedule

Schedule subject to change due to live sporting events.

Whats 4 U @ ASU

Weekday mornings from 9:00 till 11:30 our show case of campus features, new events, new buildings and inside looks at our programs,


At 11:30 our half hour of RamWalks begins, a weekly RamTV production that where students of are asked to say what they think.

Student Projects

Each day at noon, RamTV showcases the works that have been created throughout the numerous mass-media classes.

Arts & Humanities


Starting at 1:00 RamTV will rebroadcast an hour and a half of past musical and art events from campus. The Visual and Performing Arts departments of Angelo State University host numerous events throughout the year and RamTV is there to capture every moment.

Coach's Corner


Weekly program filmed every Monday. Join Vincent Salazar on his quest for college sports knowledge! Tune in for a behind the scenes look at all ASU sports as Vincent interviews coaches and athletes alike.



A half-hour of highlights from the sporting events from the past few sporting events that have been on campus.

Sports Replays


From 3:00 until 7:00 RamTV will re-run whole sporting events in their entirety featuring the camerawork, commentary and talents the

RamTV Sports team.

Student Projects


7:00 thru 8:00 an additional hour of student projects is aired

The last block of programming for the night is a feature of our campus lecture series, featuring a large array of guests to the campus and numerous different topics.



A weekly production to let the ASU community know what is happening on campus. Covering everything from current stories, Student organizations spotlight, sports, and the weekly weather report.

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